Why would you need bird trapping methods such as seagull spikes?

Seagull spikes are necessary for deterring birds from nesting in places where they are not wanted. It is an effective bird trapping method that consists of needle-like rods for controlling birds. As such, seagull spikes can be attached on windowsills, ledges, rooftop ledges, chimneys, and other surfaces. They prevent wild or feral birds from landing, perching or roosting on these surfaces.

  • Preventing droppings

Bird trapping methods are used to prevent the effects of bird droppings on surfaces of the house. Some birds are known to produce acidic droppings that cause corrosion on certain surfaces. Seagull spikes don’t just keep birds away but prevent the accumulation of droppings too.

  • Preventing infestations and infections

By stopping birds from roosting in places where they are not wanted, seagull spikes help prevent pest infestations. There is a type of fleas that can spread from the birds to the rest of the house and become such a nuisance. Bird trapping methods keep these infestations as well as diseases away.

  • Preventing damage to property

Seagull spikes are able to keep off birds that leave droppings that can damage parts of your property. This is especially for roofs which may be corroded by acidic urine and droppings. Birds which burrow in walls are also kept away by bird trapping methods.

Clearly, you need to put in place various bird trapping methods. We have all of them at Total Bird Control.